The mission of the Sacramento-Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club, Inc.

To protect and advance the interest of the Norwegian Elkhound breed in the following ways:

To put on conformation shows, obedience trials and tracking tests according to the rules and
regulations of the American Kennel Club.

To promote an interest in the Norwegian Elkhound as a breed and encourage their training to
develop their natural qualities.

To collect and distribute among club membership information on subjects such as training,
breeding, conditioning, judging and similar topics.

To hold meetings where programs of interest to members may be given and discussed and
where business of the club may be transacted.

To encourage the ethical and informed breeding of purebred dogs and to adhere to the breed

To encourage the spaying and neutering of all animals whose structure,
temperament and/or health make them unlikely to produce quality offspring.

To operate a rescue program to save Norwegian Elkhounds from unsuitable environments
and to place them with owners who will provide for their welfare.

To work with the national breed club (Norwegian Elkhound Association of America) to
promote and protect the welfare of the breed.