Rescue Program

Sacramento Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club is a small club serving the Sacramento and surrounding areas. Started in 1992 to
preserve, protect, and advance the Norwegian Elkhound, our club has an active rescue program. Our goal is finding "forever"
homes for elkhounds needing new homes. We have placed over 50 Norwegian Elkhounds in the past 15 years.

There are many reasons for a dog to come into our rescue program - the death of the owner, a divorce, family moving, a stray in one
of the local animal shelters. We rarely get puppies into rescue and many times the dogs are 5-8 years old or even older. Sometimes
we get dogs into our rescue program with special needs or overweight elkhounds needing exercise and a strict diet. We even on
occasion have taken in elkhound mixes, though we try not to be cause they are much harder to place. No matter the reason, they all
deserve a second chance! And they all have lots of love to offer. These dogs have gone from being a rescue to being a beloved
member of their new families.

All the dogs that come into our rescue program are given a health check, brought up to date on their vaccinations, and are spayed
or neutered. We also evaluate their temperament in order to place them in just the right new home. Potential adopters fill out an
application and meet the dog so we can observe the interaction in order to make the best match.

Sometimes the dogs adjust right away to their new surroundings. Other times, it takes a little longer for the dog to trust that nothing
bad will happen to them. So we stay in touch with the new family offering advice and encouragment and tips to make sure the dog's
adjustment to the new home goes smoothly. We usually call or e-mail after a couple of days, then again after a couple of weeks, and
then again after a couple of months. Often times we get regular updates and pictures on how well the dog is doing in their new
home - which is very rewarding! The many success stories are what keeps us doing rescue!

If you would be interested in adopting a Norwegian Elkhound from our rescue program, please -email our Rescue Coordinator, Sue
Green, at There is an application to be filled out which will help us find just the right elkhound for you and your