Jessie was rescued from a shelter in Northern California. Between 1 1/2 and 3 years old, she was pretty wild and crazy. Her new owner was able to
channel that energy and wildness and Jessie went on to get obedience titles, tracking titles, and agility titles. Most of all she was a beloved
companion to her "Mom" for 14+ years and loved life and going on adventures. She lived a long, full life and enriched the life of her owner beyond
words. It is because of Jessie that her owner became involved with elkhound rescue and is now the Rescue Coordinator for SSNEC!
Sophie was found as a stray and adopted by a club memeber who had other elkhounds. Her sweet personality made her a perfect candidate to do
pet therapy at convalescent hospitals and schools. She also got to represent the club and the breed at school education programs that SSNEC
participates in.
Tazz was dumped in the night box at a shelter in the Bay area. About 8 years old and very overweight, she had the sweetest face and smile.
However, the shelter deemed her unadoptable because she was too shy. We took her into our rescue program and after a few weeks, her true
personality began to emerge! She had just been overwhelmed by all the changes in her life and by the shelter enviroment. She was put on a diet,
given exercise, and fostered in a home with three other elkhounds and began to blossom. She is now living happily ever after with a couple in
Souther California who love her very much. She gets along great with their grandkids and granddogs! Her new owners have kept her on her diet and
given her lots of exercise, so she is looking and feeling very good these days.
Kody was a young, 90+ lb elkhound mix found in a shelter in the Bay area. He had been adopted at least twice from the shelter but had been
returned because he was "destructive", had no manners, and wast just too much dog for most people to handle. A couple with an acre of fenced
land and a female german shepherd knew just how to handle him from the first moment they met him. They adopted him and from day one, he fit
right in. He just needed some room to run and someone who knew how to handle a large, energetic dog with no training. He is now a beloved
member of their family, loves all the grandkids, and has never once destroyed anything.
Thelma & Louise, These two Elkhound mixes were sisters turned in to a local animal shelter. They were both very overweight and used to just
being outdoor dogs. It took us almost three months to find a new home for them but the lady who adopted them couldn't resist their sweet faces and
sad story. She renamed them Elsa and Elise and kept them on a diet so they've lost weight. They now enjoy going on long walks with their new
"Mom" and two other elkhounds and are doing very well.
Colby originally came into our rescue program in August, 2007 due to a divorce. He was placed with a family in Granite Bay and was doing fine. But
for some reason he turned up in a Southern California rescue pogram in May, 2009 rather than coming back to our rescue program. Although
almost 13 years old, he was still very healthy and active. We placed him with a woman in Washington who has had elkhounds over the years and
had recently lost hers. She says he has adapted well and enjoys their walks and her other dog, a Swedish Valhund.
Otis, The Bay area elkhound club asked for our club's help with an 8-year old, very overweight, male elkhound in a shelter in Dublin who only had a
couple of days left before he would be put down. We agreed to take him into our rescue program. After boarding him for a few days, he was fostered
at the home of the rescue coordinator who immediately put him on a diet, starting walking him, and began the search for a new home. A couple in
Sacramento who lost their elkhound in the fall were now ready to adopt another elkhound and so they came and met Otis. Then we introduced him to
their little female dog. Things went well and they adopted Otis in July, 2009 and chaned his name to Loki. He now has a big yard to play in, gets
walked twice a day, loves playing with the other dog, and has really bonded with his new owners. They are keeping him on his diet too and he is
losing some weight. He's looking good an acting happy and it's obvious he is very much loved!
Loki, While fostering Otis, I was contacted by SSPCA. They had a young, male elkhound who had been surrendered by his owners due to a move.
We had to take the heart-breaking decision that we couldn't take him because we had nowhere to put him. Thanks to a generous donation to the
SSPCA by two club members, the SSPCA was able to keep Loki, get him over kennel cough, and give us time to find him a new home. A couple from
Concord who had recently lost their elkhound were very interested and after determining that he was OK with cats and liked to ride in the car, they
adopted Loki directly from the SSPCA. He is a real sweetie and updates from his new Mom and Dad indicate things are going great! He is a sweet,
energetic, and loving and they are very happy with him.
Katie, In July, 2009, we were contacted by a young woman who had rescued a 7-month old Norwegian elkhound puppy from a friend's niece who
was moving. The dog had been given no attention or training and had been relegated to the backyard because she was a "difficult and unruly
puppy". Her rescuer saw her potential and worked with her to teach her some basic manners. In less than a month she became a sweet, loving little
girl eager to please and willing to learn new things. We were able to find Katy a new home with a couple from Oregon who recently lost their female
elkhound and were looking for a companion for themselves and their older male elkhound. Katy is now in a wonderful home where she gets lots of
love and attention and the chance to develop her potential. Her new owners love her energy and sweet nature and she is doing very well.
Else, Dumped in the night box at a shelter in the Bay area, this elkie girl came to SSNEC rescue in November 2009 confused and stressed. Once
she realized she was safe, her true personality began to emerge - sweet, happy, loved attention, and wagged not only her tail but her whole body
when you talked to her! She was overweight and had a couple of major medical issues, but a wonderful couple who'd had elkhounds before looked
past all that and saw only her sweet, loving nature. They drove two days from Utah to adopt her and have taken care of her medical issues so she is
doing great! They really, really love her. Else has adjusted to her new life in the high desert of Utah and continues to blossom!