Change was a no doubt adorable pure bred Norwegian Elkhound puppy born On February 1, 2005, subsequently adopted, and it
seems may have been a therapy dog. Almost to the day, another person put her name on the SSNEC waiting list for a senior Norwegian
Elkhound rescue dog. She did not mention that she secretly hoped for a therapy dog. In September of 2015, the former puppy/now 10
year old dog was taken to a shelter and surrendered. SSNEC was contacted, and the dog was fortuitously returned to his original
breeder for transitional care. The woman on the waiting list was then called, which was the very same day that she had decided to give
up on ever finding her imaginary senior Norwegian Elkhound. The rest is a history that seemed clear it was always meant to be. Change,
his "changed" new name, went on to live in a big house, with a large yard, several kitty cats, and neighbor dogs to say hello to every day.  
He formed a very special, and seemingly karmic, bond with his new "mom", took daily walks for some years, was an ambassador for his
breed everywhere he went, and his mellow fellow "doganality" endeared him to all he met along the way. Most of all, he was a happy dog,
who actually seemed to smile on a regular basis. He brightened the life of his "mom" until he was    14 + years old, and then his
wonderful spirit walked over the rainbow bridge. His presence while here actually continues to reverberate in ways that have been
"therapeutic" for others with whom he came in contact, canine and people alike. Turns out, he was a therapy dog too.
Lucky to Have Lucky                                                       
We were waiting for a rescue Elkhound to come along to be a pal for our Cody.  Unfortunately we lost dear Cody. Now we were
desperate to fill our empty home with another moose dog.  Sue Green, our rescue co-ordinator, was informed of an Elkhound in the
Placer County Shelter, so she rescued him and fostered him for a month until we could take him (we were on vacation).  She named him
Lucky because he was.  When the shelter received him he was covered with foxtails from roaming free. They had to shave him down
completely in order to find them all.  He didn’t have to be tranquilize because he was so compliant. 56 foxtails were removed.  After Sue
took him, her vet removed about 10 more.  Dan removed a few more.  His coat has grown back soft and luxurious.

Lucky loves squirrels, other dogs, rag toys, mostly people and treats, and he needed a job.  He is how a Love on Loan dog for the
Sacramento SPCA; he passed their test with flying colors.  Kids are his specialty - the more hugging him the better.  He visits rehab
places and does his down, shake, hi-five, and sits to everyone’s delight.